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Relevant, tailored marketing solutions delivering tangible, measurable results.

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Affinity Marketing Direct is a full service provider offering a 'one stop shop' for loyalty, added value and revenue generation solutions. We provide a wide range of marketing services and solutions to clients in a diverse range of vertical markets. We can provide fully integrated solutions such as a membership programme right through to economical outsourced expertise such as warehousing, fulfilment, telemarketing and customer service.

Our programmes offer great savings on the goods and services that matter to our clients' customers and members.

Affinity Marketing Direct is an experienced provider, with many years of collective experience in these arenas. Unlike some providers we don’t just want to "sell you something" we want to build a relevant tailored solution for your needs which will deliver tangible measurable results.

We offer a complete service from conception to delivery by:

  1. Gaining an understanding of your business and current objectives
  2. Brainstorming/ suggesting possible solutions, content, channels and approach with your team
  3. Creating customised concepts for your review
  4. On approval building the relevant solution within the given timeframe.

Our solutions are:

  • Flexible – we deliver solutions not off the shelf products
  • Economical and commercially attractive - our solutions are cost effective, often self-liquidating or creating significant additional revenue
  • Wise heads - with over 100 years collective marketing experience we know what works and what doesn't
  • Compliant - we work to both the letter and the spirit of all regulation

We can offer:

  • Added Value
  • Differentiate your offering from the crowd by adding high perceived and tangible value to your proposition
  • Loyalty
  • Engage your customers in compelling environments that drive usage and promote stickiness
  • Revenue Generation
  • Quickly, effectively and compliantly monetise your customer base using our flexible membership services platform
  • Partnerships
  • Deliver your products and services to new, relevant audience demographics
  • Our cost-effective solutions have been built for a wide range of organisations, including Credit Card issuers, Banks, Trades Unions, Publishers, Cataloguers, Housing Associations and many more.
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